Stableford - 36 Points always to Par?

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Stableford - 36 Points always to Par?

Hi All

Is 36 points in stableford always mean you are playing to Par. My mate was saying how he played a tournament at his club a couple of weeks back and 40 points was playing to par.

I am trying to get my head around all golf's intricacies which I imagine you never stop learning. Is the above possible?

If you had 10 x 3 pointers 3 x 2 pointers and shot 20 a piece on the other 5 holes then you wouldn't have played to par

Good point, poorly explained by myself...umm what I mean I guess is they say 36 points is playing to your HC not par (right?) If this is not correct my warped logic is completly off the mark.............He was saying you had to score 40 points to play to HC something to do with CSS?

Could be... but the old bit about averaging 2 points per hole is always thouight of a level par.

Might be something to do with sss but not css.On a very easy course where the par is 72 but the sss assessed as 68, then 40pts would be playing to H/cap.Don

At my club the Par is 72, the SSS is 70 and you have to score 38 Stableford points for it to be considered as playing to your handicap.  Your handicap does not alter with 38 points.  However, occasionally, the CSS has an impact and the results sheet will display Par, SSS & CSS with say 37 Stableford points and, therefore, on that occasion you would be cut with 38 points.

On handicap X = (36 - (CSS – par))  So if CSS = 72  and par = 70  X  = (36 – (72 – 70))  ie 34  So if CSS = 70  and par = 71  X  = (36 – (70 – 71))  ie 37