Greetings from Erie,PA,USA

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Greetings from Erie,PA,USA

I have been a teaching Golf Pro since 1973. I am a Club Ho First Degree.  I have too many Drivers,Irons.Wedges and Putters to count!  What I am currently playing in on my profile.  Since the golf season is just staring in NW PA," currently playing" is subject to change.

Welcome.... not a part of the world I know very well...mainly UK folk on here.  Winters are long in that State!

OK....I had to google Erie to find it!   But I knew where PA was!

Yes, Winter is long in Erie,PA.  This winter we had about half of normal snow amount and warmer than normal temps . During the 2010-11 winter the golf course where I teach had over 250" of snow I live a couple blocks from Lake Erie and we had around 100" (Last week we had record high temps(80* F on Friday), but back to normal now. Highs in mid to upper 40.* Fs and sometimes in early50s F.  Alot of Grape and Fruit farmers in this area and since the temp was in mid-20*F, they were worried about crops ,which is about a month ahead of schedule.