WATCH: Golfer records moment aircraft makes emergency landing on course!

Plane nearly wipes golfers out as it lands on the 14th fairway at Westhoughton Golf Club.

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Golfers were forced to run for cover when a plane made an emergency landing on the 14th fairway at Westhoughton Golf Club in Lancashire yesterday.

Thankfully nobody was hurt in the incident and the plane is not believed to have been damaged in the landing.

Golfer Robert Lathan was enjoying his first trip to the course, and it was an experience he won't forget in a hurry.

"It was circling for a minute or two and we knew something was wrong," said Robert.

"The next minute it was really low and we could tell it was coming in to land on the 15th fairway. It just missed the bunker ­– if it had hit, then it could have been a very different story."

Robert posted a video at the time of the incident happening... (warning: strong language)



It is believed the pilot had taken off at City Airport in Eccles before losing power above Bolton, forcing him to carry out an emergency landing.

Following the incident, the course has been reopened to golfers.

Club secretary Neil Robinson said: "We are golfers, we’ll play in wind, rain and around abandoned aircrafts. It’s not often you get excitement like this golf clubs. It certainly livened up the afternoon!"