Golf travel: Ryanair ups prices for luggage

You could pay upto

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As Ryanair announces significant increases in baggage charges from July 1 coinciding with the peak holiday period, Britain’s ferries are promoting the fact that they take their car passengers’ luggage for free this summer.

According to the latest reports, Ryanair will charge £20 each way for their standard 15kg baggage limit, rising to £40 each way for a second suitcase. A golf bag will cost £40 each way. 

And these fees will only apply if booked in advance online. Book through a call centre or at the airport when you arrive and it will cost considerably more. For example the cost goes up to £50 each-way for a golf bag.

It means that a family of two adults and two children taking two suitcases and a golf bag for example, would have to pay a total luggage charge of £200 for their return flight to their summer holiday destination - even if they book online in advance - and upto £360 if they don't! 

Bill Gibbons, Director of the Passenger Shipping Association which represents the UK ferry companies, commented: “This increase in the cost of checking in luggage with Ryanair comes as no surprise, as low-cost airlines continue to squeeze passengers for every penny. British holidaymakers are tired of endless charges and many are rediscovering that travel by sea is a fair, affordable and much more pleasant way to reach their destination.”

Ryanair is the worst airline for charges when you want to carry your clubs on board at £50 per journey. This is more than the single rate of US carriers which charge $50 to fly you clubs across the Atlantic. 

Bob Atkinson, travel expert from said: “Always pre-book your golf bags online if you can. It's cheaper than paying at the airport.”