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04 August 2017 at 19:16
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Best golf driver drills to improve your game fast on the range. 

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Good balance is key to adding yardage off the tee. 

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2016 ladies American Golf long drive champion gives us her top 3 tips. 

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2015 American Golf Long Drive champion gives us his top three tips for longer drives.

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Get yourself in the driving seat 

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WATCH: A simple "step-back" drill to increase your distance

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American Golf 2015 Long Drive champion Dan Konyk on how to get extra yards
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To hit your ball low into the wind, take some pace off and swing slower, says Carl Watts
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Adopt the "K position" for longer drives, says former European Tour pro Carl Watts
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Stop slicing the ball off the tee with these simple "coffee cup" and "bucket" drills
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