The 10 most expensive golf club memberships in the world

Does your butler have a butler? How big is your mooring in Monaco? We've found the golf courses for you.


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wentworth club

Wentworth Club this week announced it would be charging members £100,000 to retain their playing rights, which places the famous Surrey club in the top 10 most expensive golf memberships on the planet.

To gather our research, we've spoken to some of the most prestigious golf courses, and taken into account the cost of joining and then playing over five years.

Think your golf course is expensive? Take a deep breath...

Archerfield Links

10. Archerfield Links, East Lothian: Scotland: £11,500

Located on Scotland's "golf coast" in North Berwick, the forward-thinking club boasts two superb layouts and a Nike Performance Fitting Centre, open to all golfers.

Archerfield House offers a variety of accommodation, all of the highest quality.

The Madison Club

9. The Madison Club – California, USA: £22,310

The 56,000 square foot clubhouse is decadent enough, but when you add a world-class golf course and spa to the mix you have something special.

Promoting itself as "the most exclusive private residential community in La Quinta", the membership fees ensure only the financial elite can afford to bask in the Cali sunshine whilst navigating the immaculate course.

Yas Links golf club

8. Yas Links – Abhu Dhabi: £22,310

This is the first links course in the Middle East Region, and the club boasts a stunning backdrop of the Arubian Golf.

Located on Yas Island, the multi-billion dollar project is owned by the country’s foremost property investor, and neighbours a Formula 1 Grand Prix track and a Ferrari World theme park.

Located on the coastline, it offers five tee positions on every hole and is the perfect harmony of natural views and man-made golf course.

The Address Montgomerie

7. Address Montgomerie - Dubai: £24,905

Accompanied by a 5* hotel, the Address Montgomerie is sheer luxury on and off the golf course.

The championship course covers 265 acres and is seen as one of the most desirable golfing destinations in the world.

The club’s mission is to maintain the golf course at a standard comparable to the best courses in the world and to cater to golfers from all corners of the globe. At that price, you'd expect nothing less.

Singapore Island Country Club

6. Singapore Island Country Club, Singapore: £26,807

Often touted as the best golf course in the country, the club has five layouts, two driving ranges and a reservoir which apparently "looks like the Thames in the summer".

Accompanied by world-class dining, the club prides itself on its excellent service. 

Fancourt Country Club

5. Fancourt – Western Cape, South Africa: £40,000

Billed as South Africa’s premier golf resort, with all three courses rank inside the top 20 in the country.

You have to own a house on the property to be able to gain membership, but the cheapest way in is to buy a six-week timeshare on one of the smaller homes, which will cost you £40,000. 

Designed by South African golfing legend Gary Player, the links course is ranked number one in the Rainbow Nation.

Stunningly beautiful, the club also boasts a state of the art academy and two club shops.

Trump National Los Angeles

4. Trump National – Los Angeles, USA £123,898

When you hear Trump you are sure of quality, but also cost. This luxury golf course offers all the amenities just 30 minutes from downtown Los Angeles.

Situated on jagged cliffs offering spectacular views, the course is designed to test the best golfers while also allowing high-handicappers to enjoy their outing.

Championing its world-class cuisine, the club has three restaurants to fuel your round. If you played 18 holes every day for five years, each round would cost you £67.88. Bargain!

The Bear's Club

3. Bear’s Club – Florida, USA £129,163 

Founded by Jack and Barbara Nicklaus, the idea behind the club was to offer its members a world-class golf course with the highest standards of quality.

There are estate homes, villas and cottages surrounding the course, allowing those with a few spare quid to return home to the most indulgent surroundings after playing a top-quality course.

Wentworth golf club

2. Wentworth Golf Club - Surrey, England: £180,000

Wentworth boasts three championship courses, it hosts the BMW PGA, and the European Tour uses it as its headquaters - and the club knows it.

New Chinese owner Dr Chanchai Ruayrungruang bought the club for £135m last year, and recently announced members must pay a £100,000 "debenture share" to retain their playing rights, while also doubling the annual subscription to £16,000.

Liberty National Golf Club

1. Liberty National New Jersey, USA £240,404

“I think it’s one of the most stunning settings for professional golf there is on the planet.”– Tim Finchem, Commissioner, PGA Tour

With a statement like that you know it’s going to be high quality…and also humorously expensive.

Costing around £160 million to build, the club boasts amenities such as an on-site heliport, yacht services and numerous spa services.

Having staged multiple PGA events, the clubhouse is excessively luxurious and the golf course is of the highest pedigree. If you played one round a week over the five years, each round would cost you £922.

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How much does your club charge? Does it come close to any of the above?

Posted: 09/05/2013 at 17:37

£900 per year including £50 compulsory bar tab and SGA membership.

Posted: 09/05/2013 at 18:56

there seem to be a number of rather obvious gaps in this list...and beyond those I'm amazed that there are no Japanese courses listed.


Posted: 09/05/2013 at 19:20

There is a thread on a 'forum that cannot be named' asking what you can get for USD4500 a year The general conclusion is that £3000 gets you very little indeed, almost nothing if you factor in entrance fees. In relative terms golf membership is incredibly cheap in comparison with the US, France (not sure about Spain) and oddly South Africa.

It seems that they value membership of a club and it is not done on the fee divided by number of rounds played value for money ratio that UK golfers have.

Posted: 10/05/2013 at 08:26

Lou B you need to relax, firstly you may be 'Slightly' overestimating the research skills of an 8 year old. Secondly if you have managed to research the global costs of golf club membership to make an informed argument you should probably get another hobby or alternatively play a real life game of golf!

Posted: 10/05/2013 at 18:04

I was passing through Carmel/Monterey last week and thought I'd check out the course prices. Gulp!

Pebble Beach Golf Links fee:-
Resort Guests $495
Non-Resort Guests $495 + cart fee
Cart Fee $40 per person
Caddie Fee $80 per bag
Forecaddie $40 pp/3 player min.
Rental Clubs $95 per bag + tax

Just add state taxes and a 20% tip to that and you're good to go! The other 'biggies' nearby (Spyglass, Poppy Hills etc) were a wee bit cheaper if you're tempted.

Still plenty of punters around with deep wallets it seems.

Posted: 25/10/2015 at 09:47

Bloody Crazy !!!

Posted: 25/10/2015 at 14:18

When I was at Sawgrass they were charging 300 dollars or so green fees to hotel residents.... if you booked a package it was about ??1000 for 7 nights B&B in the hotel and 4 rounds. ..

Mind you, Pebble Beach go charge lots

Posted: 25/10/2015 at 17:09

I don't think you'll find anyone on here James, you may need to go to the "other place" there's at least one member of Centurion GC on there and I suspect the annual fee there is pretty steep.

My friend in the US was the member of a swanky country club in Arizona, he had to stump up $30,000 for a debenture. After that he paid $1000 per month for golf and the clubhouse facilities - top notch restaurant, gym, barbershop etc. When he left he had to find someone to buy his debenture.

Posted: 26/10/2015 at 09:19

meh, who cares. If you can afford the fee's you pay them. Just the same as holidays, cars, houses etc I just got back from Ibiza where there was a super yacht called O'pari 3 which is 500k euros a week to hire, all of a sudden Wentworth membership for 5 years seems cheap in comparison.

Posted: 26/10/2015 at 14:14


How many putts do you typically take in a round of golf?