FootJoy XPS-1: A whole lotta sole!

New FJ range to harness explosive power

By Golfmagic on Sat, 1 Oct 2011 - 12:10

There’s no doubt the new XPS-1 shoes from FootJoy have sole. Not the kind of soul message that comes from deep in the heart but enough stability in the outsole to nail you to the tee at impact.

XPS – ‘eXtreme Platform Stability’ – is a groundbreaking pattern which the #1 Shoe and Glove in Golf manufacturer says has been engineered to deliver superior levels of traction and balance.

As well as bold, athletic styling, the XPS-1 uses an extra-wide design extending beyond the shoe’s leather upper for maximum ground contact and combines with other technology to prevent heel slip and promote shock absorption. The shoes are custom-fit for comfort, too.

Padraig Harrington hasn’t worn another pair of shoes since being introduced to the XPS-1, while PGA Tour player Gary Woodland, who boasts a ball speed in excess of 200 miles-per-hour, says they’re the most stable he’s ever worn. 

“Having proper footwork is critical to golf.  For me, balance is everything. With the XPS-1, I can get explosive and fire off my right side.”

Says FootJoy’s European marketing manager, Russell Lawes: “XPS-1 is an exciting new addition to the FootJoy family. Almost every golfer who took part in rigorous testing reported they felt a greater sense of stability, balance control and were able to strike the ball with greater confidence,”

FootJoy will make the white and black option available for December 2011, with further options in red and in blue from January.

RRP £195

Golfmagic’s Alex Perry attended an exclusive FJ press day where got to try the XPS-1s. Watch this space for his thoughts.