PGA Show: GolfBoard wins Best New Product

Innovative golf snowboard/skateboard is just what this game needs!

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Quite possibly one of the coolest and 'off the wall' products I saw at the PGA Show in Orlando was the GolfBoard - and I wasn't alone in thinking this either as I've recently been informed it won 'Best New Product'.

So what's it all about I hear you say? Well it's basically a golf snowboard/skateboard that holds onto your golf bag while you jump aboard between shots and 'Surf the Earth'.

The golf bag is simply applied to the front of the electric board and then you have a wireless hand-held controller that directs the board's acceleration and braking like a golf cart.

I jumped on board to test the product for myself and although I didn't go very far on it - I could have done with it to get my around the gigantic PGA Show! - I could tell it's going to be a big hit with consumers around the world. You just gently move your weight on your toes like you would on a snowboard or skateboard, only it's much easier and a lot steadier.

According to the company's website you can ride the GolfBoard in three different ways: Bag Mount + Stability Handle, Classic Carry or Free Ride using a single adjustable club.

Bag Mount + Stability Handle

This system allows riders to use the GolfBoard just like a standard pull/push golf cart but there is a twist as you get to ride this one! The bag mount/stability handle provides ample storage space for golf gear, snacks, and refreshments. The GolfBoard’s low center of gravity means you’ll never have to worry about your board/bag tipping over and the stability handle gives even the most inexperienced riders confidence.

Classic Carry

Throw your golf bag over your shoulder and hop on. Conventional golf carts sacrifice exercise for convenience, but carrying your bag as you ride the GolfBoard engages your core and balance transforming golf into a full body workout. The Classic Carry method allows you to travel at the speed of a golf cart so your game isn’t slowed down.

Free Ride Using a Single Adjustable Club

A single club with an adjustable head angle is becoming a popular alternative to a traditional set of clubs. The GolfBoard supports this new movement; one hand for the wireless Bluetooth remote, the other for your trusty club.


It's not going to suit everyone and I doubt we'll see them in play at St Andrews anytime soon, but in a day and age where we're all trying to make golf a little more fun, it's easy to see why this won best new product at the PGA Show. It's also great for promoting fitness, too. A very cool golfing gadget in my book.

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