Toowap offers GPS... and then some!

Toowap comes with pitchfork and ball marker


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The Toowap GPS

The first GPS distance-measuring device for golfers that includes a pitchfork divot repair tool and a ball marker has been introduced by a French company.

The Toowap device costs around £75 and was developed by Benjamin Brochon and his brothers to measure distance to the front middle and back of the green in yards or metres, the width of the green, tee-shot length and the distance of your previous shot.

It can also be customised as a corporate product and stores upto 1,000 courses for an annual membership of around £15.

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Looks like a decent gadget, but only 7 courses in Northumberland mapped? Also it states on the website that its suitable for 'Beginner down to handicap 5' - seems strange? Why not less than 5... Are there accuracy issues. I don't understand why that statement applies?

Posted: 01/03/2012 at 10:55

Hi Cheers Big Ears,
Salon du Golf (Paris) justed ended and I can tell you :
- even if we do have few golf courses in UK (like in Northern Countries) so far it's no more a problem as every "toowaper" (= the one who is owning a Toowap) can add a golfcourse with its Toowap (announcement made at the Salon du Golf) after we cheked the data he sends us. So our database will be bigger and bigger very shortly. Why we add only few for the moment : we launched the Toowap middle november 2011 and in Northern Countries it was winter.
- "until handicap 5" -> we did think that people under 5 were playing the pin ! But we were wrong as most of them play an area on the green, according to the feedback we have (from some pros and somme good players). For your information we signed a partnership with the french PGA at the Salon du Golf ... this is better I think than any of my comments ;-)The accuracy is there, tests have been made. Golf teachers are using the Toowap for training teams.
- the Toowap was a big success at le Salon du golf.
- by the way you can visualise your shots after the game on the internet (also showing the distances made). Who else is proposing this ?
Our website will be updated in the coming days.
Hope I answered your fears ... if not contact you can contact me at (ask for Benjamin).

Posted: 11/03/2012 at 23:31


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