Bad golfers: What's the fuss?

All this current publicity can be hurtful

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All this controversy involving Downing Street, the News of the World and the Metropolitan Police has been giving some golfers a bad name.

Surely they don't deserve this kind of attention just because they lose a few balls, find a few bunkers and miss a handful of sitter putts?

The poor guys are being pilloried from tee to green in the baying press, the crowing parliament and even on breakfast-time television.

If I was one of them - and I have to admit I have shown signs lately of erring that way in my frustration with the game - I'd be fearing that I might even have to approach a PGA pro for a lesson, just to get some sanity into my game.

After all when the Prime Minister - himself an admitted bad golfer - and the Leader of the Opposition (who hasn't even shown any interest in the game) start bleating that we have to get rid of them from our society, prosecute them and put them in jail, I start to feel sorry for these poor creatures just because they lack basic hand-eye co-ordination with a club in their grasp.

And as for axing a newspaper that has been around for 168 years to replace it with an identical one under a different name to avoid potential advertisers being associated with a  brand sullied by golfing terminology - it seems a step too far.

A hacker is part of golf folklore. We all have to start somewhere by shooting scores in double figures on a hole, taking an air shot or wafting our putter over a tap-in.


They're not talking about THAT kind of hacker? There's another kind of hacker that listens in on other people's phone calls and infiltrates electronic security?

Do they play golf?

If they did they'd be a hacker hacker!