Daly takes shot at drinks industry

Grip it & Sip it, says The Wild Thing

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By on Thu, 13 Dec 2012 - 10:12

John Daly has started to think about life after golf by entering the beverage business with his ‘Original John Daly Cocktail’.

The new drink, which kindly informs you to Grip it & Sip it, will debut in BeyMo liquor stores in Arizona, New Mexico and California and be available in sweet tea, lemonade and vodka, peach tea, lemonade and vodka and raspberry tea, lemonade and vodka.

Although Daly no longer drinks - four years in May - he wrote on Twitter that alcohol will once again fuel his passion. 

The business venture is in response to Daly's anger over bars across America serving ‘John Dalys’ - Daly's former cocktail of choice: sweet tea, lemonade and vodka.

“My name is on 14-thousand menus illegally. It's not fair to me so I'm bringing my John Daly drink out, it's better,” he tweeted.

Although he did set out to make one thing clear... “My drink is the drink before the first tee!”

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