Infogame24 launches Golf Manager Live

Wave goodbye to your social life...

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Like many teenagers, I wiled away hour after hour throwing my life into making Torquay United not only a force in the Premier League, but the European Cup too.

This was, of course, not in real life but on football management sim Championship Manager – the greatest videogame of all time.

After a series of CMaholic Anonymous meetings, I managed to give up the addiction. (I knew things were serious when I was left in charge of my sister’s cat for a weekend. RIP Princess Fuzzykins.)

But now Infogame24 has released a beta version of its Golf Manager Live – the first golf management game which is now available for public tests.

Designed and created by golfers for golfers, says Infogame24, Golf Manager Live gives a unique opportunity to build a successful golf club where you will take charge of a team of up to ten golfers, training them and setting their tactics as they embark on a career on the fairways.

So, we asked the creators, who could be specifically interested in this game?

Well, it is said that only 5% golfers will break 80 on a regular basis, while not even 1% will turn pro. But everyone would like to. The game has been designed with these golfers in mind; those who would like to feel the thrill of the professional tour.

And how does it work? The user lead his or her virtual golfers from zero to hero, choosing sponsors, hiring coaches, enrolling in tournaments, buying equipment and setting different tactics for different true to life golf courses. If they’re good enough, they’ll make the Tour.

And that’s not all, because just like in real life, when your golfer starts winning tournaments, he or she also starts winning real money prizes. But unlike real life, it’s the manager who gets all those Swiss watches, iPads and gift cards, among others.

There is also a special ranking for managers. Because it would be difficult to monitor the list of a couple of thousand managers, they have been divided into Tours, each consisting of several sub-groups. And at the end of each season – a calendar week of Monday through Sunday – some managers advance to a higher Tour while some are relegated. This competition is also rewarded.

While in the beta version, strokeplay is the only format available, but the developers are already working on matchplay mode and team competitions.

But why are you still here reading about it? Go and try it out at

Just don’t forget to feed the cat.

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