But legend says World No.1 will be ready for Masters

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By on Mon, 4 Mar 2013 - 10:03

Jack Nicklaus has criticised Rory McIlroy for walking out of PGA National midway through his second round at the Honda Classic on Friday.

Speaking on the Golf Channel during last night’s final-round coverage, the 18-time major champion said: “He shouldn’t have walked off the course, that was unfortunate.

“If he had thought about it for five minutes, he wouldn’t have done it. I think he’s a good kid, a sharp kid. I think he’s probably just so frustrated with what’s happening with the way he’s played the last month or so that it just got to him.”

Nicklaus, who designed PGA National, also explained how McIlroy’s switch from Titleist to Nike has nothing to do with his wretched 2013 form, which reads missed cut, first-round loss, withdrawn.

And he believes come the first major of the season, McIlroy will be primed for an assault his first Green Jacket.

“It’s easy to blame it on your clubs, but frankly, I don’t really buy that,” he added. “You’ve got to learn to deal with it. Not everything is perfect. His talent is so much greater and a much greater influence on his game than his clubs. He can play with anything.

“I spoke to Rory prior to the tournament and he told me he was struggling. He said he was driving the ball well but was struggling a little bit with his irons, but he felt confident out there.

“I said to him, ‘Don’t worry about your clubs, you’re too talented. That will come around, just go play golf’.

“I’m sure that Nike will work with him to get whatever he has to get. He’ll be fine. When the Masters rolls around, Rory McIlroy is going to be playing just fine.”

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