Shrek set of headcovers could be yours

Chance to win cartoon character headcovers linked to new movie.

Posted: 19 June 2007
by Bob Warters

Shrek The Third (cert U) the hotly anticipated movie is at cinemas everywhere from June 29, and to celebrate its release we are offering Golfmagic forum contributors the chance to win one of two sets of Shrek character golf head covers.

As well as the distinctive green Shrek cover for your driver there's a Donkey and Puss-in-Boots cover for your favourite hybrid or fairway metal.

You'll be in good company too as players like Ernie Els (lion), Tiger Woods (tiger), Justin Leonard (golden labrador), Rich Beem (chicken) and Kelli Kuehne (bulldog) are well known for their distinctive headcovers on their Tour bags.

Just to enlighten you about the new movie, when Shrek married Princess Fiona, becoming the next King and Queen of Far Far Away wasn’t part of the plan. So when his father-in-law, King Harold, falls ill, it is up to Shrek to find a suitable heir, or he will be forced to give up his beloved swamp for the throne.

Recruiting Donkey and Puss-in-Boots for a new quest, Shrek sets out to bring back the rightful heir to the throne – Fiona’s rebellious cousin Artie (Copyright: Shrek the Third & TM© 2006 Dreamworks Animation LLC)

Shrek the third movie

Shrek the Third movie

For a chance to win tell us on the forum which cartoon character would best suit your own (or a Tour player's) personality as a golfer and why.

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Which cartoon character would best suit your own (or a Tour player's) personality as a golfer and why. For example I'd probably be Tom (from Tom and Jerry) - with a golf game that's nearly always just out of reach and which tends to end in disaster by exploding in my face! ED

Posted: 19/06/2007 at 17:31

Speedy Gonzalas, ,, just like Cabrera, , :O)

Or to be brutal on my own achievments and talent, , i think more like Homer Simpson in an Itchy n Scratchy Cartoon, , , :O) :O) :O) :O) :O)

Posted: 19/06/2007 at 19:13

Scooby Doo.


What did i do wrong as I often ask myself on a golf course?

"Yikes. Ruh roh... I don't knooooooow! He he he he he"

- already have Donkey on my Driver. Why? Every time a par 4 or a par 5, he's there shouting "pick me", "pick me"

Posted: 19/06/2007 at 19:41

Monty's spitting image - Wallace out of Wallace & Gromit ?

Posted: 19/06/2007 at 19:43

I would say the I'm similar to The Incredible Hulk because my approach shots make me angry, and my putter doesn't like me when I'm angry.

Posted: 19/06/2007 at 19:44


NEVER WINS ,..and his caddy is Mutley

Posted: 19/06/2007 at 20:48

sylvester the cat - always going for that elusive birdie!

Posted: 19/06/2007 at 20:55

How About BatFink & Karate. " Youre Bullets cannot harm me, my wings are like a shield of steel"

Or better still. Danger Mouse & Penfold. Quality head covers

Posted: 19/06/2007 at 20:55

Oliver Hardy ( fat and not a full shilling and like him it always goes wrong ) shaking my tie as I type. :O)

Posted: 19/06/2007 at 21:45

mine is probably spike off tom and jerry
cos when i spank a good drive all i ever say is "thats my boy"
ian poulter should use a kermitt the frog cover because every time he plays in his ridiculous clothes he looks a complete muppet...

Posted: 19/06/2007 at 22:16

The squirrel from The Ice Age

Just forever struggling just to survive

Posted: 19/06/2007 at 22:30

Captain Caveman - Only got One working club and that always eventually conks out .

Posted: 19/06/2007 at 22:50

would have to be The Roadrunner, I really don't do slow golf, on the way to my ball I am deciding what shot to hit and have the club in hand ready to hit as soon as the bag is dropped on the floor, two seconds later I am walking after my ball.
evereyone I play with is amazed at the speed I play at


Posted: 19/06/2007 at 23:04

Homer Simpson.... DOH!!

Posted: 20/06/2007 at 08:33

Donkey from 'Shrek' as i often make an ass of myself

Posted: 20/06/2007 at 09:41

How about Betty Boo, , mmmmmm scrummy, , :O)

Posted: 20/06/2007 at 09:47

Well my physique is starting to resemble shrek So i'll say popeye !! ;-)

Posted: 20/06/2007 at 11:21

Captain Hook for me.
Could it be more obvious.
Not really a cartoon character but still a fairy tale. A bit like my golf, just a fantasy.

Posted: 20/06/2007 at 11:31

I'm definitely Princess Fiona, I married Shrek ;o)

Posted: 20/06/2007 at 12:10

Bamm Bamm from the flintstones ... more to do with banging club on the ground than anything else.

Posted: 20/06/2007 at 12:51

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