Tevez celebration - a tilt at GM story?

So how good is Man City star at golf?

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As a Manchester United fan for more than 50 years, I'm delighted that Carlos Tevez took a three month sabbatical to top up his golf swing, then effectively rubbed Manchester City fans' noses in it with his attempt at humour in the 6-1 win at Norwich at the weekend.

It seems from comments I've read online and in fanzines, the Argentine striker - once unfortunately described as 'ugly as a wet dog' - was trying to show with his goalline celebration, after completing a hat-trick of goals, that he was none the worse for his time away despite media criticism.

However, I'm not so sure.

My view is that he was responding to our GM story last week that Reds manager Alex Ferguson felt his team had been united by the opportunity to play golf together at St Andrews recently and bolster team spirit in the run in to their defence of the Premier League championship.

So, apart from being a talented goalscorer and play-maker (yes, I have to admit it) how good a golfer is Tevez?

Judging by comments during his sabbatical in Argentina when, dressed in corny check golf trousers and played with world-ranked professional Andres Romero, it would appear he's a 'bandido' with a handicap higher than his single-figure ability.

No change there then as footballers are renowned to be better than their official handicap status might suggest.

His stocky frame is similar to Louis Oosthuizen and he certainly has power in those tattooed forearms combined with his interlocking grip. However, he appears a little stooped and restricted at address and in his backswing with not enough shoulder turn.

But I'd fancy him to take the money head-to-head in a golf match with Wayne Rooney, who plays golf under the handicap impaired sight in one eye and with an unorthodox left-below-right grip and swing.

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