FootJoy Superlites XP spikeless golf shoe review

We review the FootJoy Superlites XP golf shoe

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Light, breathable, comfy
Looks won't be to all players' tastes
PRICE: £95.00     YEAR: from 2017

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FootJoy Superlites XP spikeless golf shoe review
Submitted by Charlie Lemay on Thu, 06 Jul 2017


FootJoy’s expansive spikeless shoe range for 2017 has something for everyone – classic shoes, sporty shoes, ultra performance shoes, and everything in between. 

The Superlites XP golf shoes fit into the sporty range, and definitely have a modern look them. 


While the traditionalists will likely turn their nose up, those looking for an athletic, modern looking shoe will probably like these. In other words younger golfers. 

The mesh material is akin to what we are seeing in the trainer world, and the colours and patterns make the shoes stand out.

It’s quite bulbous in the middle section of the shoe which not everyone will like.


As the name suggests these are incredibly light. You won’t notice you’re wearing them as you make your way around, and your feet will remain fresh thanks to excellent levels of breathability through the mesh.

Comfort levels are exceptionally high, thanks to the flexible nature of the mesh and Fine-Tuned Foam.

We were also impressed with its waterproof nature, given it’s such a lightweight shoe with breathability.

The Superlites XP also boast impressive levels of grip, thanks to a novel design on the undersole.


The aesthetics may divide opinion, but the performance is just what you want from a summer shoe. Light, breathable, comfy and with decent levels of grip.

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