SKycaddie SG3

The SG3 is the ideal product for Traveling Golfers, thanks to its durable shell and 2 AA batteries, which eliminate the need for carrying chargers and cables while traveling.

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PRICE: £229.00     YEAR: from 2007

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They go on sale in the UK sometime in February is what I have been told by a UK rep. We have been using them in the States for awhile now, and you cant play without them once you have used them. If interested, let me know, and I can send you one for a great price and great away from the VAT and stuff.

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What is not to like about this item. It is like having your own personal caddy.


Some courses arent mapped out yet, if you purchase one, all you have to do is contact Skygolf in the UK and they will send out a qualified tech. to do it.