King Cobra Speed LD Senior Offset driver

Guaranteed to put a devilish Feherty smirk on your face

By Bob Warters on Fri, 18 Apr 2008 - 11:04

King Cobra Speed LD M Offset driver driver
Technology:One of golf’s largest, hottest clubfaces, with a forgiving offset draw-bias design and Speed-Tuned components. Features 12 degrees of loft to improve launch, distance and accuracy, lightweight shaft and offset head to reduce slicing. Engineered to maximise performance for moderate-ball-speed players with a tendency to hit a fade or slice. Also available in Straight Neck (SN) Oversize (OS) and Ladies Offset head designs.
Price: RRP £222

King cobra drivers
Devilish: David Feherty

David Feherty, the devilish face of Cobra Golf, says his goal in life is to encourage people to remember that golf is fun.

"I want to entertain people," he says. " If I can't make them laugh, I want to make them smile."

The Ulster-born golfer, with the impish wit, turns 50 on August 13 but don't expect him to turn up on the US seniors (Champions) Tour. He's doing far to well thanks very much, with his Cobra commercials and TV commentaries to have his clubs do the talking and the bread-winning.

I've just watched a handful of his latest hilarious, off-the-wall commercials for Cobra equipment and was immediately reminded just what fun it has been to review the latest Cobra LD M Seniors Offset driver in the past few weeks.

King cobra driver
Cobra Speed LD Senior Offset driver

Having had my clubhead speed measured for one of the new Speed LD drivers - a wimpish 94 mph - at Vilamoura in February, I was handed the 10.5 degree version with Cobra/Graphite Design Tour 56-gram shaft (for swingers with speeds from 76-97 mph) but it was tough to get airborne. Similarly the 12-degree version.

After further trial and error - and nearing 60 anyway - I swallowed my pride and settled for the 12-degree offset version suited to more mature golfers (70-76 mph approximately) who need a little extra help in getting the clubface square at impact.

On the practice range into a stiff 20 mph breeze and later on the testing Millennium course just outside the Algarve town's centre, it gave me far more of a soaring flight than I'm used to with my handsy swing that tends to keep the ball on a low boring trajectory.

Freedom at last to rip the ball not exactly with 'gay' abandon but at least with a degree of confidence that I was going to get it airborne more regularly.

In several rounds since, back home in cool calm conditions, I have been able continue with confidence to blast tee shots into leaden skies knowing that I had everything I needed to maximize my limited power and launch the ball on a forgiving draw-bias flight.

Normally, I tell my golfing colleagues, 'I don't do draws' - a power fade is more my natural flight - but with the Speed LD M Offset I can 'do draws' almost at will, a strange phenomenon I'd like to keep in my armoury.

Does it go further than other drivers? Let's just say it goes far enough for me to hit an appropriate amount of greens in regulation to justify my 11 handicap or at least help get near enough to put my short game under scrutiny.

Sadly I haven't yet mastered the ability to manoeuvre the giant, flattened head into the back of a ball nestled on the fairway, even if I tee it up slightly, in line with the preferred lies ruling, during the winter months.

Even with its added loft, and high MOI to help keep the clubhead square at impact it's tough to get airborne and because of the toed in offset, there's a tendency to pull shots low and hard. But I'm working on it and have every confidence i will master this dark art as I have with previous Cobra clubs that are now on the illegal list like the SS and SZ.

The Golfmagic Verdict
Rating: 8.5/10
Summary: The Cobra Speed LD family of clubs are competitively priced - I've seen them in the mid £160s at some retailers - and once you find one that suits, it is guaranteed to bring, if not always a smile, at least a devilish Feherty smirk to your face.

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