Powervescent golf club cleaner

'Even my battered putter took on the appearance of a rejuvenated wand. '

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Powervescent golf club cleaner
Contact: www.golfclubcleaner.com
Technology: 5 powerful cleaning tablets.
Price: £5.95

Powervescent cleans club in 20 minutes – no fuss!

It’s chiefly at this time of year, when the ground is damp and muddy, that your clubs start to look weathered and worn. And when the grooves get clogged and the grips shiny there’s no way you’re going to play to your potential.

But this new product to the UK can take all the hard work out of club cleaning and return the look of your clubs to almost as good as new.

Last week I decided to give an old set of Wilson Fat Shafts an outing following a run of poor form. So disgusted had I been with their previous performance last spring that I’d tossed them in the garden shed, caked and somewhat dishevelled.

However, 20 minutes in a bucket of hot water, into which I’d sprinkled a Powervescent tablet and they emerged sparkling – even my battered putter took on the appearance of a rejuvenated wand.

Turned on their heads for a few minutes the grips emerged tacky and eager for the fray.

For your nearest stockist call 0208 854 2878

The Golfmagic Verdict
Rating: 9/10
Summary: A tad expensive for £5.95 for five tablets but as it says on the packet ‘it gives your clubs an extraordinary bath,’ from which they emerge ready for action.

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