TaylorMade M3 iron review

TaylorMade M3 iron review: TaylorMade's new iron gets beautiful re-design for 2018, while performance also dramatically improves. 

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Much improved looks, superb feel
PRICE: £849.00     YEAR: from 2018

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TaylorMade M3 iron review
Submitted by Charlie Lemay on Tue, 02 Jan 2018

The TaylorMade M3 irons for 2018 replace the M1 product, and are made to offer improved aesthetics, feel, distance and performance.

It sits alongside the M4 (which replaces the M2), and both are game improvement ironsdesigned for high handicappers, but not complete beginners - who have the M CGB iron on offer. 

The M3 is designed for the better ball striker, compared to the M4. 

We got walked through the design process of the new M3 irons on a trip to the TaylorMade HQ in Carlsbad, California, allowing us to hit the new product for the first time.

On our return to the UK, we headed to the Shire in north London to hit the irons on the range and course using the new TaylorMade TP5 golf balls and Skytrak launch monitor.


Massive improvement on the M1 which will please many, who thought that iron was a bit game improvery. No yellow this year, just a simple monochrome palette.

The topline is thinner, and it is generally more compact. Still a tad chunky in the long irons, but it is to be expected in an iron for high handicappers. 

Sound and feel

While the M1 iron has a hollow, slightly lightweight feel, the new M3 is full-bodied and rich thanks to a dampening badge. Fantastic feel which most players will love. 


To learn more about the technology in the iron click here. 

The main piece of tech in the M3 iron is RIBCOR which stiffens the body of the iron to retain maximum energy transfer. 

We saw a decent improvement in distance compared to the M1 irons, around five yards extra in the mid irons (the two sets have the same lofts).

The irons were launching at similar conditions to the M1 - with the occasional flier - and spinning less, which goes some way to explaining the extra distance.

In terms of forgiveness, we feel the two sets are comparable, meaning they have heaps of help built in. The M3 does have fractionally more, but the M1 remains a very forgiving iron on the market. 

Particularly towards the toe end of the iron, we were impressed with how much distance we got on poor shots.

There’s not a lot of workability in the M3 irons, so if you want to control ball flight and/or work it left to right it’s probably better to go with the P790 iron.


A great option for the mid to high handicapper. Much improved looks compared to the M1, feel has been revolutionised, it's longer and has some more forgivenessin there as well. 

We think this will be a very popular game improver in 2018.

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