Nikon Coolshot

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  • Price: £299.00
  • Year: 2012 - 2013
Reviewed: 6 June 2012 by Bob Warters

With its white, rubberized coating and compact ergonomic design, the Nikon Coolshot rangefinder certainly looks a cool piece of kit to use on a golf course, especially when I can't afford a caddie called 'Bones' or Billy!

Coolshot, says maker Nikon, also acts like a 15th club in your bag, converting your golfing instincts into hard facts and combining to help cut shots off your handicap.

Some might say I'm technically challenged because I come from an era when golfers relied on visible stakes in the rough, coloured discs in the fairway or numbers on a sprinkler head to tell their position. And I agree that I've always been a little sceptical about modern devices that use satellites or electronic targets to help me dial in the correct club for a certain distance.

But I'm prepared to be astounded by a handy gadget that one of the world's greatest names in visual technology says can accurately deliver the distance, to within a shaft length, to a flagstick in placed a small hole 600 yards away.

Not that I'm claiming to hit a tee shot of that magnitude any time soon but the Coolshot will provide any distance in between in the blink of an eye lid.

It took a little while to interpret the various numbers that came up when I first aimed the Coolshot at the target - until I realised it relies on a steady hand - or preferably two hands - to identify a distant, half-inch wide, black and white pole.

Occasionally it would pick out a nearby tree or figure behind the green but with familiarity it soon homed in on my target with the information I required.

Indeed in one of my first sorties, I was able to respond to the information with enough success to land half a case of wine, £10 in the 'twos' and a raffle prize, though the latter was more by luck than judgement!

Successor to the acclaimed Nikon Laser 350G, and priced at £299 (strategically lower than its rivals and many other GPS-directed gadgets), the Coolshot is so easy to use. Pressing the 'power' button activates a 'first target priority mode' that will measure the distance to the flagstick or any clearly visible hazard in between and hold it for eight seconds on the LED illuminated screen that's clear even in gloomy conditions.

And even if you suffer the embarrassment of dropping it in water  - as no doubt many of us already  have - Nikon says it's waterproof for at least ten minutes submerged to a depth of a metre.


Simple to use, and attractive to look at, the Nikon Coolshot rangefinder brings distance-measuring well within the pocket of most golfers and, as I proved, can help knock shots off your game and win prizes.

For further information visit or call 01252 413750.

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