Linden Fairway

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 Linden Fairway
  • Price: £199.00
  • Year: 2011 - 2012

First Look

Reviewed: 5 October 2011 by Bob Warters
Many of us have discovered over the years that the battery of a powered trolley can often last longer than the trolley itself. If anything goes wrong with the 'engine' or, in the case of one of my fellow golfers, a wheel sheers off, it's the trolley that gets replaced ...  Continue reading

Reader Reviews

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Thrilled with this trolley and bought at a good price.
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Very pleased with quality and fast delivery
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Overall I'm very happy with it. It has good speed control, which can be consistently set. It is white in colour and very stable. I haven't tested the (small) battery but have the feel that it can last more than
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