EZiCaddy EZ5i

Reviewed: 5 January 2012 by Bob Warters

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EZiCaddy EZ5i


  • Price: £299.00
  • Year: from 2012

My wife will testify I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to DIY or indeed anything that involves taking apart or putting together. My motto, she claims, should be: 'If all else fails, read the instructions!'

As a result, with any conversation involving the words 'flat pack' or 'IKEA', she'd rather 'get a man in!'

So when a box arrived with the EziCaddy EZi5 trolley, complete with handbook, I shuddered at the anticipation of a traumatic period getting it ready for action.

I needn't have worried. Even for me, the instructions were plain and simple to follow and I soon had the stylish powered trolley buzzing around the garage on a dry run as the wind and rain lashed down outside.

EZiCaddy is a new name in the fastest growing sector in the golf industry though its business partners  have established a pioneering reputation among powered trolley manufacturers. Stylish in looks and made from robust aluminium, the model I was sent to review features a clever mechanism which unfolds effortlessly through a quick-release system. 

It re-locks securely for easy transportation and storage while treaded wheels slide on and off with a one-turn action and the ergonomic handle height can be adjusted from to suit most golfers' preferred height.

I was a little troubled by the words in red type at the bottom of page 4 of the instructions: 'Never put your trolley in your car boot with the battery plugged in...it could get switched on!'

With the back seats down to accommodate my golf equipment, I had visions of being attacked by a mechanical monster trying to climb over my shoulder to get at the steering wheel!

Eventually out on the course, the EZiCaddy EZ5i, with its bespoke bag secured in place by robust and adjustable, elasticated straps, purred along over quite steep and undulating terrain, set to match my walking pace.

I even sent it away between two playing colleagues with their own trolleys and it was several seconds before they noticed I'd held back to take its picture moving silently between them!

The EZ5i also has the facility to stop on a pre-determined command in its ADF mode (Automatic Distance Function) convenient if I wanted to send it ahead while I looked for a colleague's ball or to the next tee. It will travel in increments of five yards set on the control knob.

Other facilities available on the digital read out include time, speed (in mph), battery life and distance measuring from the tee and from ball position to green. If competition Rules dictate, you can also disable the distance measuring functions. There's a security pin and battery gauge monitor and a USB socket under the handle to charge a mobile phone, GPS rangefinder or SmartPhone during the round.


Competitively priced, the EZ5i is a reliable workhorse that's stylish and efficient - even in the hands of a golfer who is technically challenged.  

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