Dixon Wind

Reviewed: 22 November 2010 by Bob Warters

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 Dixon Wind


  • Price: £18.99
  • Year: 2010 - 2011

Claims to be the world's first high quality, environmentally-friendly golf ball and made from 100 per-cent re-cycled material, which also re-cyclable.

I used the sample wind balls for couple of rounds on alternate holes with similarly-priced distance balls - including Srixon AD333, DT SoLo, Pinnacle Gold, TaylorMade Burner - and found they performed equally well, in terms of distance though, typically, was more difficult to control around the green.

If it makes you feel better about yourself knowing that a ball is both recyclable - mostly the balls are shredded and turned into soft compound for children's play areas -  and made from materials that have been re-cycled, the wind ball gives you peace of mind.


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