Callaway Diablo Edge

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Callaway Diablo Edge
  • Price: £249.00
  • Year: 2010 - 2011

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Reviewed: 8 February 2010 by Golfmagic corerespondent
Having already propelled Alvaro Quiros to become the longest driver in world golf, Callaway is now planning to help the rest of us discover our inner big-hitter with the launch of a new line of drivers for 2010. But power is only half of the story, I claims, with the ...  Continue reading

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I have just acquired a Callaway Diablo driver 10 degree from a friend who took up golf and four years later decided it was not for him.

I previously had the Nike SQ and in comparison the Callaway is so much
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You can't beat the Edge for the money.
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The driver is awesome. I bought the Tour version when they first appeared in the shops after advice from a pro in a Nevada Bob's store. I hit the club with a lovely draw shape when I tried the driver with a sti
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I bought the Callaway Diablo Edge Tour 9.5 version driver with a stiff shaft at Nevada Bobs after I used it on their instore simulator. I was hitting the ball mid trajectory and getting a nice draw shape. I was hitting the ball well and getting 250+ yards. I took the club to the driving range first and was pleased that I was getting roughly the same ball flight but 50 yards less distance. I put this loss of distance down to the range balls. The club head sits very nicely behind the ball at address, and the traditional shape of the club head is very pleasing to the eye. I tried hitting my drives at 85% to see what effect this would have on ball flight. The dreaded slice raised it's ugly head ! I went back to hitting the ball at 100% and found that the slice dissapeared. It seems that with the stiff shaft and the 1degree open club face that the harder and faster I swing the straighter the shot as the head comes round into a square position on impact. The ball trajectory is mid height from the 9.5 degree face and gives quite a lot of roll after landing. All in all a very nice club which will be in my bag for a long time to come, or until I can save up for the FTI-Z.

Posted: 06/09/2010 at 15:44

i have the edge tour which does give a penetrating flight plus seems to be straighter. if the shaft is too stiff the ball could fade/slice plus have a lower trajectory. I've found from experience with my lower swing speed (good tempo i usually call it) a regular shaft is better

Posted: 17/05/2011 at 21:36

ft-iz with voodoo shafts is the only way to go

Posted: 19/05/2011 at 02:27