Cleveland Golf Launcher Ultralite SL290

Reviewed: 9 February 2011 by Bob Warters

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Cleveland Golf Launcher Ultralite SL290
I have never enjoyed a return to the game after a lay-off so much, thanks to the feel and trajectory the SL 290 gave me.


  • Price: £239.00
  • Year: 2011

They say that playing only intermittently - and who hasn't during the bleak winter we've experienced? - your short game suffers most.

While that may be true for many of us, the driving can also takes a hit to your confidence. Fortunately I had the opportunity to try the SL 290 version of the latest Cleveland Launcher Ultralite series - and hit the ground running!

This is the mid-weighted model between the TL 310 version - aimed at low-handicappers and professionals - and the XL 270 and XL270 Draw models, for mid to high handicappers. But it suited me to a tee!

With a minor adjustment to my stance to keep the hands behind the ball at address to overcome a tendency to forward press and de-loft, from the first thaw setting in I was hitting the ball sweetly and accurately and with a high draw with which I was not familiar!

I have never enjoyed a return to the game after a lay-off so much, thanks to the feel and trajectory the SL 290 gave me.

No doubt the eight lucky winners of the competition we're due to run shortly on the Golfmagic Forum, will jump at the chance to win one or other of the three Ultralite Launcher drivers we're giving away.

The secret is all in the fitting process, matching the graphite shaft to the different head and swing weight. The regular 45.75-inch Miyazaki shaft certainly seemed to compliment the weight of the SL 290 head and delivered a consistent strike that suddenly found some extra yards I'd been lacking pre-Christmas.

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Brilliant. I'm a firm advocate of, for higher handicappers, that driving is the most important part of the game. You must get the ball long and down the fairway. This is the club that can do this for you. I've
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Latin Dancer
Any regular users on this forum will know I won this club as part of a Golfmagic/Cleveland Golf competition so cost was not an issue.

I feel this club is relatively easy to use and has added 20-30 yards on m
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Ossie (6.7)
A very good driver that is very forgiving, hits the ball very straight and priced at a sensible point.
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Tak 11
these new drivers certainly seem to be pushing the boundaries even further. I know what Bob means when he says the lack of action can impact other areas as well as the short game. I was driving the ball really well early last year but since my trapped nerve in my back in October i have really struggled to find any accuracy off the tee. Certainly sounds like getting the right fit can improve your game big time!! How lucky is Bob getting to try all this latest gear

Posted: 28/02/2011 at 19:48

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