Yonex i-EZONE

Reviewed: 30 July 2013 by Charlie Lemay

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  • Long, forgiving, easy to work the ball
  • on the pricier side
  • Price: £299.00
  • Year: from 2013

The Yonex i-EZONE looks like it’s been designed by the same person who drew-up blueprints for the Odyssey Versa putters. It has the same black and white colour scheme with a white stripe being used on the top of the club to help players align themselves. It has an elegant shiny finish and a classic arrow on the top as an alignment aid.

The i-EZONE is on the lighter side, which had me adding a few miles per hour to my club head speed, but by no means was it too light. It’s one of those clubs that begs you to hit it when you pick it up and I couldn’t put it down which meant I ended up spending a fortune on range balls!

The face feels very springy and the extra distance that was promised to me by Yonex was delivered in abundance. I was regularly getting roughly ten extra yards on my drive with no extra effort – if anything I felt like I was swinging easier.

I was also very pleased with the shaft. Perhaps Yonex are using their expertise from their other sporting endeavours (tennis, badminton) as they have produced a shaft which seems to blend the lightness of graphite with the stiffness of steel.  No matter how hard I swung, the shaft stayed rigid.

I found I could work the ball in all directions with the i-EZONE as well as manipulate the ball flight with ease. I felt I could control my shots, even when shaping them.

As well as all this, the driver is also forgiving. Mishits still travel a good distance, particularly when struck off the toe.


The i-EZONE is one of the best drivers on the market today. It will add yards to your drive, it's forgiving and it makes working the ball easy. 

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