Cleveland Golf Mashie M3 (20.5 deg)

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Cleveland Golf Mashie M3 (20.5 deg)
packs the kind of punch and forgiveness mid-handicap golfers demand
  • Price: £129.00
  • Year: 2011 - 2012

Our Review

Reviewed: 18 May 2011 by Bob Warters
As a consistently low ball-hitter, I have struggled to obtain the optimum flight from most models of hybrid. A penetrating trajectory is all very well when you're looking for that accurate lay-up or simply to find the fairway on a tight dogleg off the tee. But I really want a high, ...  Continue reading

Reader Reviews

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Cleveland have definitely captured a retro look with this clubhead and an old style head cover. The ‘raw’ silver has a nice simple look in these days of over-elaborate designs. Personally I would have done away
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I have the 3,4 and 5 models of this club. I especially like the 5. In fact I no longer carry a 5 iron. Great for the longer par 3s or when you need a long high shot into the green from the fairway.
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