Yonex VM-X (steel)

Reviewed: 3 July 2009 by Richard Green

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Yonex VM-X (steel)
A brilliant set of irons...long and easy to hit


  • Price: £370.00
  • Year: from 2009

Unlike many equipment manufacturers, when it comes to product ranges, Yonex is very much of the opinion that less is more. They don't produce numerous spin-offs of the same clubs, there are no Tour versions, and no uncertainty about whom the gear is aimed at. What it also means is that all effort is devoted to making clubs for the equipment market as good as possible.

These Yonex VM-X irons look stunning. On the pro shop rack, in your bag, in your hand - these are seriously good-looking clubs. The different finishes on the metal and the red logos really catch the eye, while the unusual detailing on the back gives the irons a wonderfully futuristic appearance.

Visual appeal is, of course, one of the most important things that a player will consider when buying a set of irons, but inevitably performance is everything. And when it comes to the simple job of propelling a golf ball, the Yonex VM-X irons really do come into their own, making the game simpler for players of all levels.

In recent years, the rather naughty practice of strengthening lofts - in other words, for example putting stamping '6' on the sole of what is really a 5-iron - has made it hard to tell whether a club really is as long as the number might suggest.

With the Yonex VM-X, however, I can can confirm these irons go a long, long way. The ball flight is just right - not too high but towering enough - and the long irons are really easy to hit. Indeed every club is really easy to hit, forgiving and solid, too. The lofts on the Yonex VMX irons are on the strong side, but they are no stronger than most of the others in its category. So what's really producing this prodigious length? In my opinion it's simply a great head and shaft combination.

At the heart of the Yonex VM-X iron is the V-Con core located behind a springy clubface that is only 3mm thick. It's essentially a lump of graphite and elastomer composite that puts some extra Oomph behind the strike zone and usefully dampens any vibrations. A triangular weighting system on the rear of the clubface ratchets up the Moment of Inertia (MOI) to ensure the club remains stable inspite of the extra power being produced.

The specially-made HS600 graphite shaft is the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to launching the ball on its powerful trajectory. Yonex engineers moved more weight to the tip without changing the overall weight of the shaft, allowing for greater acceleration through the ball when the bottom of the swing arc is reached.

This Centrifugal Force System technology delivery power to burn. If you're looking for a longer, easier-to-hit set of irons, these could be the answer to your problems.


A brilliant set of irons from Yonex that anyone could use, from eight to a 28-handicap. Not only are the the Yonex VM-X irons extremely long in terms of distance they hit a well struck ball, they are just so easy to play, even on miss-hits. A great all-round set.

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From a personal point of view and having had 6 sets of clubs in 4 years. These are the ones that i have stuck with because they are a nice set of irons. They look good and the design in the cavity make them sta
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