Six of the Best: Basic golf swing tips

Just starting in the world of golf? Here are our top six steps to a perfect swing...


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If you're just getting into golf and need some basic swing tips then look no further. We've used the swing of Rory McIlroy and the knowledge of golfing legend Tom Watson from his 'The Timeless Swing' book to help you get started.

Here are links to our six easy steps to a solid golf swing...

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1. Basic golf swing tip: Set Up

Go to our basic golf swing set up tips page to find out more on the five key steps for the correct set up...

1. Ball position
2. Stand up straight
3. Form a straight spine
4. Flex the knees slightly
5. Stick out your rear end

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2. Basic golf swing tip: Takeaway

Go to our basic golf swing takeaway tips page to find out more on the five key steps to an efficient takeaway...

1. The first two feet of the takeaway are crucial
2. Left arm and shoulder should move together
3. Maintain a line between the shaft and left arm
4. Keep the elbows together
5. Keep right leg flexed

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3. Basic golf swing tips: Backswing

Go to our basic golf backswing tips page for the five key steps to a stable backswing...

1. Collapse left knee
2. Keep left arm straight but not rigid
3. Turn your body in a barrel
4. Weight remains on balls of feet
5. Keep your grip pressure constant

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4. Basic golf swing tip: Downswing

Go to our basic golf downswing tips page to find out more on the five key steps to a powerful downswing...

1. Turn left hip then follow with arms and shoulders
2. Keep head still
3. Consistent spine angle
4. Move firmly onto left foot
5. Hit hard with your right hand

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5. Basic golf swing tip: Impact

Go to our basic golf swing impact tips page to find out more on the five key steps for more consistency at impact...

1. Shoulders slightly open
2. Left arm slightly flexed
3. Hips half-facing target
4. Right knee kicked in
5. Weight on left foot

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6. Basic golf swing tip: Follow-through to finish

Go to our basic golf swing follow-through to finish tips page to find out more on the key five steps to finish off your swing in style...

1. Strong grip
2. Rotate forearms
3. Toe of the club should pass the heel
4. Raise the right foot
5. Belt buckle facing the target

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