#2: The Shank

Andy Roberts's picture
Wed, 5 Apr 2017




Arguably the worst of the lot, but it takes our runner-up spot because there's an even more embarassing shot still out there! The shank - also known as the ‘J-Arthur' (Rank) or ‘Barclays' (bank), and many others - is caused when the ball is struck in the neck or hosel, where the shaft joins the clubhead, forcing a low straight trajectory at an angle of 45 degrees to where you are aiming. So how do we fix it? Well, just put this 'imaginary knife in the groin' drill to good use. We'll say that again... 'imaginary'. We don't want any 999 calls please, the golf shank is deadly enough as it is. 

Good news: it rarely travels far and you should find it
Bad news: you keep thinking about it, and the vibration running through your hands



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