#8: Duffed Pitch

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Wed, 5 Apr 2017




Duffing a pitch, and also thinning one for that matter, is a very common shot around the greens for high-handicap golfers. The biggest reasons for a duffed wedge are un-cocking (releasing) your wrists too early on the downswing, or simply a far too light or too tight grip. It's best to go and see your PGA pro to look at the finer details, but here's an awesome little pitching 'clock face' drill that we're big fans of here at GolfMagic. It provides a much more systematic approach to pitching, and we think you'll love it. Give it a go and let us know how you get on. 

Good news: you may have still crawled onto the green
Bad news: word has already reached the clubhouse



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