WATCH: Jon Rahm vs Matthew Wolff - a very scary golf swing comparison

Their golf swings might look completely different at the top, but just wait what happens on the downswing...

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Tue, 9 Jul 2019


Jon Rahm and Matthew Wolff are two of the game's hottest players in the world of golf right now, and they possess incredibly similar golf swings - despite looking completely different at the top! 


As seems a given for any future golf star these days, Rahm, 24, and Wolff, 20, both crunch it off the tee with their TaylorMade M5 drivers - and when you look at the following video below of both swings, you'll see exactly why. 

Rahm, winner of the Irish Open following a stunning 8-under 62 to close on Sunday, has one of the shorter backswings on Tour with a bowed wrist action at the top just like you see with Dustin Johnson. From there, it's a wild power move as the Spaniard turns his body hard and fast to the left. 

Wolff, who won his maiden PGA Tour title in just his third start as a pro at the 3M Open on Sunday, has one of the most peculiar golf swings you'll ever see. Think Jim Furyk's golf swing, but on steroids. The American gets to work on his trademark pre-swing shuffle toward the target, and then lifts up his left foot while aggressively hoisting the club vertically over his head and well to the right of his target line.

The two golf swings could not look any more different at the top. Agreed? 

Okay, well now watch what happens on their downswings.

Check out this very cool video posted by golf coach James Ridyard - @JamesRidyard - to see just how similar the downswings of Rahm and Wolff really are...



Whoah very different... . . Oh, similar Really similar More alike than different

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