Uxbridge Course Review

Uxbridge, not for the faint hearted!

Martin Park
Mon, 28 Feb 2000

HAREFIELD PLACE (UXBRIDGE G.C) The Drive, Ickenham, Middlesex

How to get there: Just off Swakeleys Roundabout on the A/M40 Tel: 01895 231169

Be afraid… Be very afraid. This place should come with a government health warning, not only for the physical strain it puts you under, but also the mental torture of not being able to play to your handicap on a course measuring under 6000-yards.

Uxbridge is hilly and beginners will find it a bit of a strain with some severe slopes to play from and a couple of monster holes, one of them is the par three 11th at 237-yards from the stones!

The other has to be the 6th and for me it is hardest par four in the country. It measures 473-yards, uphill (again) and into the prevailing wind. If that is not hard enough, the green has a wicked slope to it and putting above the hole means a three-jerk! Guaranteed.

Spare a thought for those brand new Titleists that you bought at a reasonable price in the clubhouse. The likely-hood is that those gleaming white balls will be lost and gone forever in the deepest bushes this side of the Amazon. That is why they are a reasonable price! Bring plenty with you, you will need them.

If you haven't got your game with you, you won't find it this side of suburban London. But nevertheless, it's still a great course to play. The condition of the course is excellent overall, especially the greens. Smooth and fast with plenty of hidden undulations as well as the obvious ones.

For a public course, its rates high on my favourite courses because it is one hell of a challenge and everyone are so nice to you here. It has everything, tough par fours, and sexy par threes, especially the downhill-in-among-the-trees-14th, a couple of tricky doglegs and plenty of foliage to stop your scorecard dead in its tracks.

If you can handle the slope shots and the hiking up and down huge hills, then it's great. Some of the views are nice too, with the notable exception of the M40 adjacent to the 10th green! But at least it's handy for London. Worth a visit next time you are stuck in the ubiquitous traffic jam around Swakeleys roundabout!

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