Five steps to hit longer drives

Want to hit longer drives? Check out GolfMagic's five-step guide to start hitting BOMBS with your driver. With these free driving tips, you could add some serious distance to your driving. So read on, get practicing and start hitting longer and straughter drives!

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Wed, 12 Jun 2019

Five tips to hit longer drives

Step 2 - Tee it high

hight tee.jpg

"Tee it high and watch it fly" is a saying you might have heard before and it exists for a reason.

Teeing the ball high will help your angle of attack and will make you strike the ball above centre on the clubface, meaning high launch and low spin, exactly what we want to achieve to hit bombs with the driver.

On tighter holes you may want to keep the tee a little lower as your drive will be more controlled, but when you have a lot of room to play with, don't be afraid to tee it high and let it rip.