How to hit your driver further

WATCH: A simple "step-back" drill to increase your distance

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Tue, 21 Jun 2016

How to hit your driver further | by GolfMagic

Power. It's the first thing many of us think about when it comes to the driver. 

Ripping the head cover off is a given, and when it comes to that big, bulbous head on a whippy graphite shaft, we just can't help ourselves turn into Happy Gilmore sometimes.

But if becoming a gym rat like Rory McIlroy or Jason Day is not your style, fear not, as there are quick fixes to increase your distance off the tee. 

One of them lies in this simple "step-back" drill, courtesy of World of Golf master professional Duncan Woolger. 

Why not put this drill into practice this weekend and let us know how you get on? Share your thoughts in the forum below or join us on TwitterFacebookInstagram and YouTube


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