Fairway Woods

Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Fairway Wood

Callaway's new Great Big Bertha Epic Fairway woods are simply magical. There is power, there is accuracy and there is bundles of forgiveness. 

Replacing the Great Big Bertha fairway wood of 2016, the GBB Epic fairway wood appears to push the boundaries even further. And that is saying something given last year's model was about as impressive as anything else on the market in the category. 

M2 fairway wood review

When it comes to revamping that fairway wood for a new season, there are few better than the PGA Tour metalwood leaders. 

Breaking boundaries with the original RBZ and its game-changing 'Speed Pocket' design back in 2012, TaylorMade has gone from strength to strength in the fairway wood category. 

It is no secret there have been a few models launched in recent years but it is also fair to say that each new model gets better, of which the M2 fairway wood for 2016 is no exception.


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