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PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

Putting is arguably the most essential part of the game to practice. I’m sure everyone at some point has got the putter out in the living room and hit a few putts into a cup or whatever is about.

PuttOut Pressure Putt trainer is a fantastic training aid with a stylish design that can be used wherever you are - inside or outside and gives you feedback on your pace and aim. Its ergonomic design enables it to fold up small and can fit in your golf bag easily, so you can take it with you wherever you go. 


Selfie Golf Review

Have you ever had trouble trying to record your golf swing at the driving range?

We have, and it’s a tedious job to get your phone to stand up correctly without falling over, just for a glimpse of your swing.

Fear not though, as Selfie Golf is here.

Selfie Golf is a new product to the Golf Market in 2017 and has already picked up a big accolade, winning PGA Best New Product Award 2017. 

Sun Mountain Club Glider Journey Review

The SunMountain Club Glider Journey is a durable travel bag that looks like most others on the market, but comes with foldable legs that pull out from the base and makes the laborious task of getting through the airport with your clubs a breeze.

The bag is made of a molded plastic base that houses the foldable wheels and a tough durable 1200 dernier material upper and surround.

Mobitee & PIQ GPS golf performance tracker review

We tested this product at the Shire London.

The game tracking revolution is in full flow. No longer do tags in grips elicit questioning from playing partners, at least not in the line of ‘what is that?’, rather ‘which system are you using?’.

A multitude of products are now available, most of which use the tag and mobile phone connection, with Mobitee and PIQ being no different.


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