Golf Trolleys

Motocaddy M1 Pro electric trolley review

Why would a golfer not want to use an electric trolley? It takes up space in the boot. It’s a task to assemble or transport. The functionality is poor. And perhaps most prominent, it’s too expensive.

Many products at least fall into one of these categories, if not more.

But in the case of the Motocaddy M1 Pro electric trolley, it manages to dodge almost all the pitfalls. 

Powakaddy Touch review

The Powakaddy Touch at the very least is pushing boundaries, while at the very best is a revolutionary product in the electric trolley market.

A sliding handle controls the speed of the trolley, meaning it changes speed as you walk. No button bashing or dial twirling, here. 

But does it work as it should? Is it worth the price tag? We find out.


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