Kirkland balls sell out in 30 minutes

Costo re-stock but are unable to keep up with demand for "bargain ball"

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Thu, 22 Dec 2016


Costo’s Kirkland golf ball has sold out in 30 minutes after a re-stock on 20 December.

The $15-per dozen, four-piece Signature ball sold out almost immediately when it first hit the shelves, with Costco saying the ball was better than leading products on the market. 

Like many premium balls, the ball is multi-piece and has a urethane cover, but at $29.99 for 24 golf balls, it's considerably cheaper compared to other manufacturers' products.


The popularity of the ball seems to be extremely high, and Costo are struggling to keep up with demand.

Some customers had their orders cancelled, while others spent considerable amounts of time online struggling to purchase the balls.  

Some boxes of Kirkland balls, which are manufactured by South Korean company Nassau Golf Co. Ltd, are going for up to $100 on Ebay.



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