Motocaddy to add first aid element to GPS app

At the press of a button, golfers can locate defibrillator and learn CPR. 

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Mon, 13 Nov 2017

Motocaddy to add first aid element to GPS app

Motocaddy are planning to add a first aid element to its golf app, allowing golfers to access medical assistance and providing playing partners with CPR instructions and emergency contacts.

At the touch of a button, golfers will be able to locate the exact location of defibrillators and the club’s emergency number.

The idea came from Motocaddy’s managing directorTony Webb, whose brother-in-law and brand distributer died from a cardiac arrest last year.  

“We are inviting golf clubs here to provide us with this information as the app interface on both iOS and Android devices can deliver speedy access to the defibrillator unit and emergency assistance at the most critical time for any heart attack sufferer,” said Webb.

Statistics show 95% of heart attacks that occur on the golf course prove fatal, but the survival rate exceeds 50% when a defibrillator is used within three to five minutes of the cardiac arrest.

“Every second counts when a cardiac arrest strikes, especially when the victim is located far away from the clubhouse,” said Webb. “That’s why we’re determined to add this First Aid feature to our free GPS app and help give our users the information they need to make a real difference.

“More than a third of golf clubs in the UK are believed to be providing defibrillators for members and visitors currently, but we hope to show that the number is increasing across the country and our app function supports their efforts,” he added.

Former Ryder Cup captain Bernhard Gallacher was revived by a defibrillator after his heart stopped on three separate occasions. After a full recovery, he went on to campaign for more golf clubs to provide life saving equipment.