Powakaddy unveil first electric trolley with fully integrated GPS

Powakaddy FW7s GPS offers front, middle and back distances for more than 35,000 courses worldwide

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Wed, 28 Jun 2017

Powakaddy has launched the first electric trolley with fully-integrated GPS technology, allowing players to manage their game from their trolley handle with no need for external devices.

The FW7s GPS has GPS technology built into a digital screen, giving front, middle and back distances for more than 35,000 courses worldwide.

Course updates are simply done by connecting the trolley to the Powakaddy website via a special dedicated programming port under the handle.

The FW7s GPS locates the course automatically, meaning there are no annual fees, subscriptions, or additional downloads needed.


“Golfers can manage their game from their trolley handle without the need for getting any other device out of their bag or pocket – a real landmark moment for the electric trolley industry. As the GPS is built into the trolley handle, we believe it offers a reliable source of distance measurement that is irrespective of mobile signal, battery or internet data,” said PowaKaddy Marketing Manager Mei Tierney.

A scorecard automatically tracks the round, and reacts to your score with emojis. The trolley comes with a three-year warranty.


PowaKaddy FW7s GPS Key Features

- Fully integrated, high performance golf GPS

- Delivers fast, accurate distances to greens, hazards

- Automatically locates your course and auto-advance from hole-to- hole

- Accurate distances to the front, centre and back of green

- Pre-loaded with over 30,000 golf courses worldwide

- No annual fees or subscriptions required

-Scorecard tracks your scores



- Stunning 3.5” Widescreen display

- Calorie counter

-Unique Plug ‘n’ Play battery system

- Low profile PowaFrame chassis

- Thinnest most powerful lithium battery on the market

- Powerful 230W whisper quiet motor

- Extended free 3-year warranty

- USB Charging Port for charging smartphones

Price: £749.99

Head to the Powakaddy website for more information. 



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