TaylorMade launches new bag range for 2019

TaylorMade has announced its stunning new bag range!

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Thu, 31 Jan 2019

TaylorMade launches new bag range for 2019


Also new to TaylorMade’s 2019 golf bag line is the FlexTech Crossover Stand Bags. The FlexTech Crossover bag was the brand's best-selling bag in 2018 and aligns with the 14-way top market that has been trending upwards, due to many golfers’ desire to further protect their clubs. 

While technically a stand bag, designers straddled the line of a cart & stand bag when designing the Crossover. The new design allows for a cart strap passthrough that makes loading the bag on carts more efficient and more importantly gives the golfer access to the two oversized apparel pockets on the side of the bag that are made possible by the unique design built into the center ball pocket.   


flextech crossover.png

Weighing only 2.7 kilograms, the FlexTech Crossover Stand Bags are offered in 3 colourways and have been designed with the following features: 

  • 14-way top
  • 10 pockets
  • Cart strap passthrough for easy access to all pockets
  • Large internal insulated cooler pocket
  • Easily accessible insulated water bottle pocket
  • Full-length dividers to eliminate club crowding
  • 3 colourways: silver gray/blood orange, navy/white and black/blood orange.
  • RRP £199



TaylorMade’s FlexTech Lite is the lightest bag in the FlexTech family made for the walker looking for a quality carry bag built to last. The new version of the Flextech Lite is lighter, more comfortable to carry and overall, a more functional design than the prior generation. 

Weight was saved in this bag by moving to a single stay construction versus 3 or 4 stays previously used. The main stay that runs along the spine of the bag was modified to ensure it is durable while remaining lightweight. 


flextech lite.jpg

Weighing a mere 2.1 kilograms, the FlexTech Lite Bag is available in 5 colourways, each designed with the following features:

  • 4-way organizational top
  • New no-zip rangefinder capsule
  • Micro-suede lined valuables pocket
  • Anti-split stand system 
  • Full-length dividers to eliminate club crowding
  • 8 pockets 
  • Colourways: Silver/Blood Orange, Navy/White, Black/Blood Orange, Blood Orange, Kalea
  • RRP £159


Rounding out the 2019 TaylorMade Golf bag line is TaylorMade’s newest and lightest bag in the stand bag line – the LiteTech 3.0 Stand Bag.  

Weighing in at just 1.2 kilograms, LiteTech 3.0 is TaylorMade’s introduction into the ultra-lite category that provides the market a full sized, quality golf bag offering. LiteTech 3.0 utilises bag body materials three times lighter than the FlexTech Lite and an ultra-lightweight and durable stand system that features carbon fiber legs and light weight collapsible base system. 


  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • 5-way top
  • 6 pockets
  • Full-length club dividers
  • Full-size side pockets 
  • All-new self-adjusting strap system
  • 3 colourways: Blue/Grey, Black/White, Grey/Lime
  • RRP £169