Titleist reveals new DT TruSoft golf ball

Titleist's softest golf ball is designed to offer more distance and short game spin in 2017

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Thu, 21 Sep 2017

Titleist’s softest golf ball - the DT TruSoft - has been engineered to offer more distance and short game spin.

The new ball is made with a larger, low compression core and proprietary soft cover technology.

“We’re meeting more and more golfers who believe you have to sacrifice distance in order to play a softer-feeling ball," says Michael Mahoney, VP of Titleist golf ball markering. "That’s certainly true for many of the lower compression products in the market right now – but not DT TruSoft.

"When we launched DT TruSoft two years ago, it instantly became the longest ball in the category. Our R&D team has since discovered how to provide even more distance without impacting the remarkably soft feel that golfers tell us they love about this product. New DT TruSoft continues to prove that golfers who prioritise feel don’t have to give up everything else.”

  • New, larger, lower compression TruToch Core, designed to lower spin on low distance shots

  • New TruFlex cover employs proprietary Titleist technology, made to deliver soft feel around greens and improved short game performance

  • Improved aerodynamics for a consistent, piercing flight

Price: £23 per dozen

Available: 2 October 2017



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