Top 5 Tech products at the PGA Show 2019

GolfMagic shares with you our top-5 tech products from the PGA Merchandise Show 2019 in Orlando.

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Tue, 29 Jan 2019

4. LiveViewGolf's Swing Map


Although this product is patent-pending, it was one of the most impressive tech products we saw at the PGA Show. LiveViewGolf showcased a set of glasses that when synced with an app, provides an in-depth analysis of your swing motion. Cameras and sensors located in the glasses capture all angles of your swing, but also aid in helping the golfer and coach recognise what the player is seeing during the swing. 

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5. TopTracer Range Handheld


TopTracer now offer its groundbreaking driving range technology onto your phone, meaning driving ranges no longer need to be equipped with TV's to use the technology. If a driving range invests in TopTracer technology, golfers can now watch replays of their shots and get all the stats they need by simply looking on their phone. All you need to do is download the TopTracer app and visit a range that used TopTracer technology and you're good to go! All your stats for every club in the bag can be saved to your account for you to revisit and compare whenever you like, while also have the opportunity to see how you rank against other players on the leaderbaord.

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