Wilson's new Triton driver branded nonconforming

Two lofts fail USGA test, but Wilson are looking to rectify the issue

Tue, 13 Dec 2016

Wilson’s Triton driver, winner of the brand’s popular reality series, is nonconforming in two lofts.


Wilson aired a series on the Golf Channel pitting hopeful club designers against each other in the autumn, with Eric Sillies taking home the $500,000 prize.

His invention was billed as the world's "most adjustable multi-piece driver" and employs dual sole plates for maximum launch, spin and distance. 

However, the USGA has slapped the product with a nonconforming tag in the 10.5 and 12 degree lofts, while the nine degree version remains legal.

Wilson’s statement read: "While a traditional product submission process would afford Wilson Golf and the USGA the opportunity to review a product several months prior to its commercial launch, the timeline for testing, modifying, manufacturing and shipping a final, comprehensive Wilson Staff Triton driver was compressed. This shortened timeline was due to the nature and confidential format of the show. Since the time of our submission, we have worked closely with the USGA on its review of the Triton driver."

The exact reason the two lofts did not pass the USGA’s test remain confidential, in accordance with Equipment Rulemaking Procedures.

However, Wilson told Golf.com the club did not pass the “Plain in Shape” rule, because the removable sole plate slighlty protrudes from the head.

The club also exceeds the “Charecteristic Time” limit, which measures the “spring” of the face. This was because of the removable weights.

Wilson are in the process of fixing these issues in order to make the club conforming in all lofts, and hope to have the driver on the conforming list in all lofts by the end of December.



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