5 best premium golf mallet putters under £100

Hole more putts and save some dough with one of these five putters.

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Thu, 27 Apr 2017

Nike Method Matter M5-12 - from £59

Nike may now be out of business when it comes to golf clubs and balls, but this chap is still floating around online for less than £60. The Nike M5-12 mallet features a soft 304 stainless steel head that has been combined with the brand's popular RZN face insert to maximise feel and control. Each face groove is surrounded with a different blend of RZN to grab and grip the ball at impact to generate quicker forward roll. We love the traditional mallet head design and its very true roll. Outstanding value for money if you can find one of the few remaining out there. 



Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 #7 - from £79

There may be much more impressive face technology on show when it comes to Odyssey putters in 2017, but the White Hot Pro 2.0 #7 model of four years ago still packs a punch. Featuring the brand's popular White Hot insert, we can assure you that will experience a consistent sound, feel and performance across the the face. Any time you can buy an Odyssey White Hot putter for under £80, you really are laughing. 

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 2-Ball - from £79

Again, similar to the above, but the 2-Ball design is one of the most iconic designs ever in golf. If you have not experienced an Odyssey 2-Ball model before, you are missing out. You will not only receive a big confidence boost at address, but you will experience a consistent sound, feel and performance across the the face. It also comes with a 350 gram weight located at the back of the sole to provide you with a more balanced putter for added accuracy and distance control. 


TaylorMade Ghost Tour Monte Carlo - from £99

TaylorMade Ghost Tour Black putters feature a rich, dark glare-resistant coating that is simpl great out in the sun. Their contrasting white lines on the trailing edge also form a confidence-inspiring alignment aid. Of the range of Ghost Tour putters, the Monte Carlo design ticks most boxes for us. In addition to its matte black finish, the putter welcomes a deep-milled 6061 aluminium insert that is engineered to deliver a crisp, clean feel off the putter face and a smooth, accurate roll. 

Wilson Staff Infinite South Side - from £69

At the price tag, you can't go wrong with the Wilson Staff Infinite range of putters, in particular the South Side mallet of last year. The company included six classic head shapes for 2016, each with refined detailing and counterbalanced technology for a more controlled putting stroke. A little loud at impact, but a smooth roll and welcoming head design very much appeals. Inspired by Wilson Staff's home base in Chicago, each putter is named after a local landmark. 



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