Best Oakley sunglasses to take onto the golf course in 2022

Best Oakley sunglasses for the golf course this season...

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Sat, 12 Feb 2022
Best Oakley sunglasses to take onto the golf course in 2022

When it comes to sunglasses for the golf course, it doesn't get much better than market-leader Oakley. 

We have selected our favourite three pairs of shades for an on and off-course wear below...


Designed to stand out, Oakley Mercenary has upped the sport-performance eyewear game with a sleek, double-bridge architecture and a larger, rounded lens shape merged with innovations built to perform.



Built with sport performance in mind, Oakley gave Targetline an angled brow and sleek temples designed to fit well under a hat. The integrated side shields help combat backside glare, while the taller lens ensures uninterrupted downward vision, whether you’re swinging at the golf ball or finding your way through obstacles.



The Kokoro Collection, designed by Meguru Yamaguchi, celebrates Oakley's shared Love of Sport, unifying athletes of all abilities, in a time where the need for community is greater than ever. The collection, "Kokoro" – a Japanese word meaning “heart; mind; spirit” – represents the brilliance and beauty of the human race. Each unique piece is an artistic interpretation of the mental, emotional and physical pursuit of sport and its players, through the mind and work of Tokyo-born, Brooklyn-based artist, Meguru Yamaguchi.