Golf deals on the best hybrids and fairway woods to add to your bag

There are some fantastic hybrids and fairway woods on the market at the moment, so here's a few of our favourites.

Golf deals on the best hybrids and fairway woods to add to your bag

Not everyone has the ability to smash a driver dead straight off the tee, so hybrids and fairway woods offer a fantastic option to keep your ball in the fairway, whilst they can also be an absolute weapon to use on the fairway or out of the rough.

Modern day technology has enabled hybrids and fairway woods to be as versatile as ever and in 2021, golfers are spoilt for choice when it comes to these clubs.

If you're interested in adding a new hybrid or fairway wood to your golf bag, but you're not sure which one, take a look at this list where we show off some of our favourites on the market.


Cobra RADSPEED Hybrid

The Cobra RADSPEED Hybrid takes its name from a popular engineering concept called Radius of Gyration, which is the distance from the Centre of Gravity to the position of the technology. The Cobra R&D team found that by increasing both the Radius of Gyration and the distance between the front and back clubhead weights, they could create a blend of speed, forgiveness and spin control that had not been achieved before. Cobra’s new technology has been named Radial Weighting and has the potential to take your golf to a new level. The RADSPEED Hybrid has 17g of internal Radial Weighting which has been distributed to achieve a forward weighted bias. There is a 7g fixed weight positioned at the rear of the head, and two 6g weights seated at the front, close to the face. The RADSPEED Hybrid is supremely well-balanced club and brings a level of versatility that will be appreciated by anyone that uses it. 


TaylorMade SIM2 Max Fairway Wood

The new TaylorMade SIM2 MAX Fairway Woods looks set to build on the incredible success of 2020’s SIM MAX with some subtle improvements in both design and performance. The head size has been increased to 190cc and this larger footprint will certainly provide more confidence to golfers at address. It can often be a shock to go from hitting a 460cc driver from a tee peg, to hitting a much smaller headed metal wood from the floor. The heel and toe areas now benefit from a cut away design that minimises the sole area and improves turf interaction and increases versatility, allowing the SIM2 MAX fairway woods to be used from less than perfect lies. The club face is constructed from a high strength C300 steel which creates explosive ball speeds and makes this one of the longest ever fairway woods. The face of the TaylorMade SIM2 MAX Fairway Woods also benefits from Twist-Face technology and this design helps to correct the curve of shots that are struck out of the heel or toe. 

£279.00 £249.00

Cleveland Launch Halo Hybrid

One of the surprises of the season! The Launcher Halo hybrid has three glide rails on the sole of the club which act as a guide for the club when it enters less than perfect terrain, helping to prevent the club from twisting offline or deviating from the correct path. There is large leading-edge bounce present too, which gives the glide rails a skid like effect and prevents the club from digging in if you come into the ball a little too steeply. If the face comes in an open or closed then the outer rails act as a corrector, essentially twisting the club back towards square. The weight mass on the Cleveland Launcher Halo hybrid is positioned all around the outsides of the club head giving it superb resistance to twisting and making it one of the most forgiving clubs available today. The Halo has the same style of Hi-Bore crown found on the driver and fairway woods and allows the CG to be placed extremely low inside the head helping you get excellent elevation from any lie. 

£179.00 £169.00

Callaway Epic Speed Max Fairway Wood

The Epic Max fairway wood has been constructed to play with a draw bias, but players will have no trouble moving it the other way if they so desire. At address it is a beautiful looking fairway wood, and its gloss black finish and oversized head looks extremely inviting when placed behind the ball at address. The sole of the club has a premium look to it and gives a hint to the amount of technology found inside. The club face is constructed with high-strength C300 Maraging steel which provides incredible strength and flexibility and as well as providing supreme levels of spin consistency across all parts of the face. The centre of gravity is adjustable on the Epic Max fairway wood using two different weight ports on the sole plate. Place the heavy weight at the front and that will bring the CG forward and produce a stronger, lower spinning flight. Place the heavier weight at the back of the head and the club will play at its most forgiving, with higher launch and higher spin. 

£299.00 £249.00

Srixon ZX Hybrid

The all-new Srixon ZX Hybrids are true player’s hybrids. Featuring a smaller head shape and square toe to inspire confidence at address, the ZX Hybrids deliver powerful performance in a compact profile. With new Rebound Face Technology, by focusing more energy into the golf ball, Rebound Frame's unique structure increases ball speed and distance on every shot, especially centre-face impacts. A tour preferred shape means the ZX Hybrids have a smaller footprint, straight face angle, and squared-off toe. It's a hybrid designed to suit a skilled player's eye, and inspire confidence as you address your most challenging shots. To improve forgiveness, a stepped crown helps lower the centre of gravity, optimizing launch and increasing MOI.


Titleist TSi1 Fairway Wood

The new TSi1 fairway has an ultra-lightweight configuration which allows players with moderate swing speeds play with more confidence. It is 50 grams lighter than a standard fairway, for easy launch and more control. This improved face ARC 4.0, features a shorter channel wall to produce greater flexibility and higher ball speed at impact. It launches the ball higher, with mid spin to provide you with superior distance performance. The 5 grams of weight saved by this channel is redistributed back in the design for a higher MOI. The TSi1 design creates a low centre of gravity position for high launch and mid-spin. It also has a high-MOI design to deliver more stability and speed at impact to provide you with straighter distance performance.

£279.00 £269.00