PING Tour Gorge

We dish out Golfmagic Gold, Silver and Bronze awards to our favourite premium wedges on the market in 2014

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Andy Roberts and Charlie Lemay
Tue, 24 Jun 2014

Brand: PING
Wedge: Tour Gorge
Best price: £89.99
Lofts: 47- to 60-degree
Lie: 64-degree
6- to 13-degree
Sole grinds: Thin Sole, Standard Sole, Wide Sole
Finish: Silver Chrome

Summary: The PING Tour Gorge wedge features grooves that are designed to increase spin and produce a lower launch relative to PING’s Tour S. Bounce options include a standard sole, a thin sole for sweeping swings or firm turf and a wide sole for steeper swings. It’s designed with a slot behind the face that houses a dampening cartridge that enhances feel.

Looks: The Gorge Tour occupies a dark, non-glare finish that makes it easy to frame the ball. There's a nice heel-toe ratio on offer here. The finish is obviously also great for reducing glare in the sun. Andy felt the clubhead was a little bigger than ideal and there was a little too much going in the cavity for his liking. Decent looks but others appeal slightly more. Maybe that's just because PING has raised the bar so high with the design of its new S55 and i25 irons.

Feel: There's great feedback at impact whether it be a pure strike or off-centre hit - this has a lot to do with the small cavity and elastomer insert cushion feel. The PING CFS shaft is also well balanced through the swing. Charlie would have liked to have felt more surface roughness.

Performance: Using the standard sole (SS), the PING Gorge Tour is an extremely versatile wedge. During our testing, we achieved consistent yardage on full shots, a solid dispersion pattern and better than average wedge spin rate. On the beach, the ball pops up nicely. Easy to nip under the ball with both 52 and 56 wedge and get the ball to stop quick.

Verdict: The colour of this wedge is a big plus but the cavity is a little too busy for our liking. The three different sole options are very easy for the consumer to digest. We enjoyed good distance and a nice ball flight, though. If you’re after consistency and are more of a drop-and-stop type of player on full shots, the PING Gorge will likely become your best friend.

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